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Welcome to Populous: Reincarnated!

The Reincarnation of the Populous: The Beginning community, home of a variety of Populous related downloads, information, and people. Join hundreds of others in online battles and play new original worlds using the Populous Reincarnated Matchmaker.
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Recent Updates:

  • 2/17/2014 - Matchmaker Released
  • 1/24/2014 - SHA(MANia) Worlds - ver. 1.3 Released
  • 9/30/2013 - Sha(Mania) Worlds Released
  • 8/24/2013 - Matchmaker Released
  • 8/24/2013 - Arkham Galaxy ver. 2.0 Released
  • Past Updates

Hosting For All

Thursday February 28, 2013 | by IncaWarrior

Matchmaker allows almost all to host

Matchmaker introduces a new way for networking Populous. Instead of relying on the aging network code of Populous designed for 90’s style Internet connections, Populous now relays all traffic through the matchmaker. This allows the matchmaker to control essentially every aspect of networking meaning easier host setup with fewer firewall rules and a lot less unexplained connection problems.

Issues are still being worked out, so if you try to host a game and it gives an error or doesn’t work, contact IncaWarrior for instructions on sending some logs so it can be worked out. Apart from the hosting/network improvements, this solution also opens the doors for a number of other interesting features, so stay tuned!


Matchmaker QuickGames

Friday December 14, 2012 | by IncaWarrior

New Game Settings Window in matchmaker

Game Settings
There are a variety of changes in the latest Populous Matchmaker version that allow for some new and interesting gameplay options. Most visibly is the new game settings panel that replaces the options previously beneath the hut list.

In this image, the colors have been rotated twice, but the player in the blue base has been marked as a watcher, so he will not have any followers or buildings.

The Obelisks in the map will be replaced by Gargoyles (to avoid the Obelisk bug where blue gets the spell if the worshiper leaves at the very end).

The game is set to be a timed game lasting at a maximum of 20 minutes where the player/team with the highest population at the end of that time will be the winner. Other options for time games include Armageddon, Most kills, and Most shaman kills.

Finally, there are a couple Map Additions checked meaning those buildings will be placed prebuilt on the map. Training huts are placed randomly near the CoR, towers are placed on hills around the base, and for regular huts, as many as possible are placed in the base. Followers are placed along with the huts, or directly in the CoR and Mana is placed as a discovery that can be grabbed above the CoR. All additions are added in a balanced way, so no player starts with an advantage

In-Game Improvements

Within Populous a few minor changes have been made. The framerate the game runs at has been doubled which makes scrolling in the game much smoother looking than before. As a side-effect, smoke and fire will look twice as fast, but not in a way that affects gameplay.

The No-Pillar Trick, while still working, now works in a more realistic manner, so not having a Reincarnation site has the predictable consequences.

League Updates

The league will be recalculated soon, along with a redistribution of the ranks so there is a more even spread of the grades in the lobby. Stay Tuned!


Game Searching

Tuesday April 3, 2012 | by IncaWarrior

Better game result filters

The game results page has a few new filters available to narrow down games. Games can now be filtered by a player’s tribe, game result. hosting, and alliances.

These new options can be found on the left side bar by expanding the section under a player name. Options to filter by player names, number of players, map, date range, and rated games (those that get points) are also available in the section.

Facebook Optimizations

For all those that have been hoping to share their victories on Facebook, the site will now show better page previews for links shared for game results, maps, forum posts, news, users, etc.

Also, be sure to Like Populous Reincarnated on Facebook where you can get updates on new features and server issues.

Help out with Hosting

From time to time, people have expressed interest in donating to Populous Reincarnated in order to help out. In the past there was no way to do easily handle the money so it couldn’t be done, but now thanks to our webhost Dreamhost, anyone can Donate directly to hosting costs through PayPal.